Is Malistare Dead? And Proof of New Worlds?

Ok people! BIG DISCOVERY! This is posted on Wikipedia (however unreliable) I think that it is real or Kingsisle would have taken it out. KI, please comfirm if this is a “myth”:

“Malistare is eventually defeated by the player. Malistare on the other hand, he and his wife gain peace. The first time the player will visit Grizzleheim (The latest game area) will be when the character visits Olde Town (A game area located in Wizard City), where a NPC named Baldur Goldpaws will take the character to Grizzleheim on his Airship, which he tells the player he uses to travel between worlds in the Spiral. There are 3 quests to do in Grizzleheim the first time the character visits, since there are NPCs blocking the bridges to the other areas. The storyline, however, is not over, as there will be other worlds added to the Spiral (the universe in which the game takes place). Additionally, the staff of KingsIsle have hinted that Malistaire is not truly dead.

What do people think about the bolded stuff? True or false? Please comment.

Keep on casting,



One Response to “Is Malistare Dead? And Proof of New Worlds?”

  1. Nicholas Says:

    I met the makers son and he’s my number one fan plus there will be a world called Crystal Keep.Keep it secret.

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