Grandmasters Turning off Friend Requests

Hello Fellow Wizards!

I was at the Arena the other yesterday watching a duel, and watching it along with me was a good mix of wizards; of all different levels. There were a few Grandmasters in that bunch of wizards. I figured “Hey, how about making some friends?” I asked some of the Krokotopia wizards that were there if they wanted to be friends, and most of them said yes. As did most of all the wizards there, all up until the Grandmasters. ALL of the Grandmasters had turned their ALLOW FRIEND REQUESTS button to NO. I have a few theories on why it seems that only Grandmasters don’t accept friend requests, but they could all be wrong.

The way I see it (no offense Grandmasters who aren’t like this), some Grandmasters get a little… snobby once they have gotten really great equipment and ranks. I honestly think that some of them just have… big egos and just think that they don’t have time to help out lesser wizards. We were all Novices at one point, right????

The next theory I have gives some sympathy to the Grandmasters of Wizard 101. I mean, if they even step foot in the Wizard City commons, they are mobbed and pestered. I can understand this, because it has happened to me, and I am not even a Grandmaster. In some cases, I have even seen Grandmasters or Masters take off all of their Dragonspyre robes (so they are in the default stuff that you get on your first day in the game), equip the “Hero of Unicorn Way” badge, and a 50 damage wand, just so they don’t get mobbed. In a way, this is a loss of all of the people that would be mobbing a Grandmaster if they knew the players true identity, because it seems like the newest players always the help of the most powerful wizards available. They never want the help of other new wizards.

My last theory is that the friends list of the Grandmasters get a little cluttered after playing for 50 long levels.

Even though some of these theories do make sense, they might be wrong. I am not a Grandmaster, so I really don’t know. LOL. Sorry for boring you with this long post :P :) ;) :0.

Keep on Casting,


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3 Responses to “Grandmasters Turning off Friend Requests”

  1. Sierra Starsong Says:

    I tend to be a solo player, don’t really enjoy social stuff very much in game or in real life. Some days I just feel like running around gathering reagents, or farming to get money for my alts, and many players (in my experience) can get downright rude about not taking “no” for an answer. That’s why I tend to leave everything off. If I ran to help everyone that asked, I wouldn’t have any time left to do my own thing.

  2. Mindforms Says:

    Your “being mobbed” and “too many friends” theories are both true for me, a Grandmaster Pyromancer, as is Sierra’s “I want to be alone” preference. I also have several twenty-somethings who simply use me to port to places they otherwise couldn’t go, then whine if I do not jump into battle with them.

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