Some DragonSpyre Gear

Dear Wizards,

I know that not many can say that they have unlocked Dragonspyre. I also know that it really kills you not to know what is IN THAT TREE and WHERE DID YOU GET THAT WAND and SHOW ME WHERE YOU GET IT. I decided that I am gonna show you the Dragonspyre SHOPS (you heard me, shops. Not many know about the Dragonspyre shops), and what is in them. I have 1 item from every shop. You have probably seen a Wizard wearing one of these things if you are a little novice in the Commons of Wizard City. Here ya are. 






One Response to “Some DragonSpyre Gear”

  1. Destiny Darkblood Says:

    what’s in the tree? the shops? isn’t the tree a person? I’ve talked to him. can you go in side him? does the big rock below his eyes move? is it his mouth? I want to know!

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