Happy Holidays, Wizards!

As you can see, we have started to put together two new pages of fun for everyone to check out. We hope that you enjoy them when they are finished!
On another note, we want to wish all our viewers happy holidays!


Happy Holidays from Dustin, David, and Wizard101!

Happy Holidays from Dustin, David, and Wizard101!


3 Responses to “Happy Holidays, Wizards!”

  1. Andrew StormWalker Says:

    I love your holiday picture, it looks very nice
    indeed,I like the lights and trees with you standing
    in front of the Christmas Tree, it is a fantastic
    view. Hey, I am just asking but what is your
    pet’s name? You don’t have to answer if you want.
    Anyway, great picture! I wish you a happy holiday too.

    With Best Wishes,
    Andrew StormWalker

  2. Andrew StormWalker Says:

    P.S. : Keep on the magic and make sure you
    don’t play with fire around the bright lights
    and the scented smell of the pine needles if
    you know what I mean. Again Happy Holidays!

    1 1

  3. wizard101info Says:

    Ah looking back, on the journey, that has carried us this far……….

    I really should have ditched that hat a long time ago………..


    (a much wiser and stronger………..)

    David Titanrider

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